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High Behind Home - 420 B Row 3

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Listing Name:
High Behind Home - 420 B Row 3
Season Plan:
Full Season (2017)
(81 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Grandstand Level, Sec. 414-426
Section / Row / Seat:
420B / 3 / 9
420B / 3 / 10
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Cashier's Check
Delivery Method:
Certified Mail
Offer Minimum:
8 games
Seats are located in Section 420B Row 3, Seats 9 and 10 and are directly behind home plate with a straight forward view of the Big Screen above center field.

I'm a diehard Yankees fan who has had season tickets for 10 years with 2017 being my first full season. Unfortunately, I have a job that prevents me from going to all 81 home games. As a result, I'm looking for fellow Yankees fans to share my tickets which will also help me keep my season ticket streak for 2018! Let's Go Yankees!

Payment options: Willing to accept cashier's check, paypal or venmo.

Ticket options: Willing to send hard copy tickets or transfer electronically.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Aug-29 (Tue) @ TBD Cleveland 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Aug-29 (Tue) @ TBD Cleveland 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Aug-30 (Wed) @ TBD Cleveland 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Aug-30 (Wed) @ TBD Cleveland 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Aug-31 (Thu) @ TBD Boston 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Aug-31 (Thu) @ TBD Boston 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-14 (Thu) @ TBD Baltimore 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-14 (Thu) @ TBD Baltimore 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-16 (Sat) @ TBD Baltimore 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-16 (Sat) @ TBD Baltimore 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-18 (Mon) @ TBD Minnesota 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-18 (Mon) @ TBD Minnesota 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-19 (Tue) @ TBD Minnesota 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-19 (Tue) @ TBD Minnesota 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-26 (Tue) @ TBD Tampa Bay 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-26 (Tue) @ TBD Tampa Bay 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
Sep-27 (Wed) @ TBD Tampa Bay 420B / 3 / 9 $28.00
Sep-27 (Wed) @ TBD Tampa Bay 420B / 3 / 10 $28.00
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    Hi! I meant on October 1st, sorry, its a Sunday.. and do you know how much is the fee? to finalize this and make you the offer, thank you so much...
  • That's ok. I don't have October 1st unfortunately. Based on the agreement I have with another fan, the fee is approximately $40 (not sure if that is flat fee or a %).
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    Perfect, i just have a couple of more questions.. we would make it via paypal? No way it xan be made via check? The total for 11 games (28 per ticket / 2 tickets / 56 per game) it 614, is that correct? Do you by anychance have july 5th? Oct 2? And how would we get the hard tickets? I promise this are my last questions before the offer ?? Thank you so much, Horte
  • Hi Horte. I am willing to accept payment via check. I also accept via paypal or venmo, whichever is more convenient for you. Once payment clears, I can send you the hard tickets via Fed-Ex or another method if you prefer. You are correct on pricing although I believe the website adds a fee on your end. I do not have July 5th and the Yankees do not play on October 2nd.
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    Hi Jesse, sorry it took me so long, had to leave the country due to urgent family matters but I am back.. I am interested in the following games if you still have them please.. Jul-04 (Tue) @ TBD Toronto Jul-04 (Tue) @ TBD Toronto Jul-26 (Wed) @ TBD Cincinnati Jul-26 (Wed) @ TBD Cincinnati Jul-30 (Sun) @ TBD Tampa Bay Jul-30 (Sun) @ TBD Tampa Bay Aug-02 (Wed) @ TBD Detroit Aug-02 (Wed) @ TBD Detroit Aug-13 (Sun) @ TBD RedSox Aug-13 (Sun) @ TBD RedSox Aug-30 (Wed) @ TBD Cleveland Aug-30 (Wed) @ TBD Cleveland Sep-03 (Sun) @ TBD RedSox Sep-03 (Sun) @ TBD RedSox Sep-17 (Sun) @ TBD Baltimore Sep-17 (Sun) @ TBD Baltimore Sep-20 (Wed) @ TBD Minnesota Sep-20 (Wed) @ TBD Minnesota I am also interested in the 2 red sox games on fridays if you are willing to sell them... Aug-11 (Fri) @ TBD RedSox Aug-11 (Fri) @ TBD RedSox Sep-01 (Fri) @ TBD RedSox Sep-01 (Fri) @ TBDRedSox and you said you had set ember 29 also but i don’t see them Look forward to your response, thanks so much in advance..
  • Hi Horte, I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope all is well. I still have tickets to the games you are interested in and have added 8/11 and 9/29 for you as well.
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    Hi! So Happy to read your response.. I have a couple more questions.. Thus is my first time doing this and I am so excited that it looks like this might actually work out!! But I also want to do everything right.. So here we go.. Is your area covered/ is sitting possible? Or just standing? Trying to figure out if I can bring my grandma to a game.. also, for payment, could you please tell me how we would do it via paypal, and then you would physically ship them right? Or maybe arrange physical delivery, I have no problem trying that.. And last but not least.. tickets dates.. A/ do you by any chance have tickets for the 25 of this month? Is Thursday 25 KC 1:05 pm.. and also september 29 on a friday its a TOR game at 1:05, I didn't see these 2 games on your list, but I figured I should ask.. B/ also september 20 its a MIN game on a wednesday at 1:05 you have it as a vailable but I handt mentioned before, so I wanted to check that.. C/ extra long shot.. do you by anychance have either of the friday redsocks games available, the one on august 11 or the one on sept 1st, I figured I should at least ask.. Then we can finalize the ticket count and I will go ahead and make the offer :) Thanks so so much again :) Horte
  • My tickets are located in row 3 and are not covered. For the grandstand sections, seats are covered for rows 6 and above (if it does rain, usually there are open seats that you can go to for cover). My tickets are not standing room. They come with two seats that are your standard plastic stadium seats. They do have a seat back and arm rests (unlike the bleachers) and cup holders in front of the seat (attached to the back of the seats in row 2) For your grandma, she will need to be able to climb stairs to get to the seats. Elevators will take you to the terrace/grandstand (a/k/a 300/400) levels but in order to get to the grandstand level, approximately 15-20 stairs need to be climbed (I've never counted the exact number). If your grandma cannot climb stairs, the Yankees do offer a ticket transfer service where you can relocate the seats to a wheel chair section behind the 300s (this of course is subject to availability and a potential fee). Once we reach an agreement, I can then give you my paypal contact info. Once I receive payment, I can either mail you the hard tickets, arrange physical delivery or I can electronically transfer the tickets to you (if you want the electronic tickets, then you cannot use the hard tickets). I have no preference and am glad to give you the tickets in whatever format you would like. I do not have 5/25, 8/11, 9/1 I do have 9/20, 9/29 (will add to account)
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    Hi! Are you still looking to sell some tickets? I am interested in the folowing dates/ games.. and of course post season if possible Definitely would want JUN 11 JUL 4, 26, 30 AUG 2, 13, 15, 30 SEP 3, 17 also probably JUN 6 & 24 AUG 31 So I am interested in 10 of your offered games for sure, maybe in 13.. Look forward to your response.. thanks.. Horte
  • Hi Horte! I am still looking to sell tickets and I believe I still have all of the games you identified. Please feel free to make an offer and thank you for your interest! Jesse
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    willing to ship hard tickets?
  • Yes
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